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WaZ UP (~_^!) Heaven.

i waz born in New yorK!

i just moved to New yorK from RI and it's a big change for me ... but i've been positive about it. I love GOD and his son JESUS and am going to read the whole bible soon............... working on genesis again like one of my newest songs show 13 djsinyelo - Genesis just to start from the basics and see how GOD has delt with us humans from the begining.

I Love you all why you might ask. $hey$....because (*~_^). i can......

coming soon

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NO blah blah blah ........just links..........E?Njoy

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  • Torrentreactor.
  • Basic HTML Instruction when i saw this site I was able to create the site you are now viewing thank you "whoever" took the time to put such a lush and thoughtfull resource of step by step info.
  • My Links Page.
  • Yahoo still works.
  • online storage 4 free 1gb free + download their ftp app from the software section.
  • dmoz fast search no pretty pictures.
  • webopedia for computer info and terms .
  • dnbshare for free downloadable dnb mixes.
  • Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

    here are my new websites i created using front page props to microsoft and i also use word and frontpage to create my links and websites, i also use irfanview and microsoft paint for editing pix...... ok this site will be for my news and new links for my albums please click here: djsinyelo.4t and for my new 4t mirror with no pop-ups click here: for my newer links and rants click here ://\\: